Monday, 30 March 2009

Light at the end of the tunnel

Yes, I see it, it is just 3 days away, in the form of the arrival of my mother!

Yeah, we did it!!! We made it through the craziest winter of my life... well, one of the craziest. Sebastian's first few months were pretty hellish too, what with him being a premie and not having our house done yet. Then there was the sleeping, or lack thereof. Yes, these past 3 months were a whole other hell. And my eczema is my testament of it. Yes, I still have it pretty bad, and it flares up when one or the two boys starts fussing or needing me when I can't give them my all, and it also flares when Tiziano is grumpy (which means that it was really bad, most of the past 6 months!).

But now my mom is coming. And she will be here for 3 months. And when she leaves, so do I! I will go back to Montreal with her and have another month of "fun" and "freedom." Then I return to Italy, and we will have a nannny, while I learn to windsurf. Then it is back to work and Sebastian at pre-K. By that time, though, Lucas will be walking, which means it will also be that much more easy and fun to take care of them. Get them both in the car and off we go to the zoo, Swissminiatur, the park, and all the other child-friendly places you can go when your children are bi-ped and conscious.

Yeah, we did it!!!!

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