Monday, 2 March 2009

Sick again

I have spent most of this winter sick. And so have my kids. And so has Tiziano. This weekend I finally felt better after a week of pregnancy-type nausea and throwing up (no, thankfully, the immaculate conception did NOT happen!). Two days later, the infamous nose tickles started again. I just had a terrible night with what felt like spiders crawling in and out of my sinal cavity, blowing my nose, and desperately trying not to let Sebastian's face or hands anywhere near my face or hands (I can't afford to have HIM sick again!).

You'd think keeping someone's face and hands away from my face and hands would be easy. But alas, not with Sebastian's current form of sleep torture. At random points in the night, he needs to ensure that I haven't disappeared and then ensure that I won't subsequently disappear. He does this by swinging his hand around my neck, frequently missing and hitting my face. Or, he will sit up, whine or cry (depending on his sadism any particular night), and then plop his whole body across mine in a gymnastics-worthy bridge. Yes, sweet. No, sleep.

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