Wednesday, 1 June 2011

masseur? gym? no need...

I've got two toddlers.

Indeed, why pay 100chf for a massage when I can get two toddlers to climb on my back and jump off it like a springboard?

And the gym? Ha! No need there either. I get one holding on tight to each thigh and play "seesaw."

Once I've stopped work, I can play catch, and and soccer, and soccerball (yes, Sebastian is convinced "soccer" and "soccerball" are two different games), and Ben10.

Speaking of Ben10, I am currently a witness to the insidious effects of peer pressure: Sebastian comes home chanting "vai Juve!", saying he doesn't want to nap at school because only the little ones nap, wanting a hair cut if he starts to look like a girl, and wanting to purchase Ben10 accessories for EVERYTHING. Wow.

i like you

That is the latest adorable little thing Sebastian is saying these days. He alternates between "I love you" and "I like you." When he's loving something I've done, or am doing, or is generally feeling the love, he cuddles up and says in a loveydovey voice that he likes me. Of course, Lucas follows suit...