Saturday, 28 March 2009

Big boy bed, this time for real!

I can't believe it, Sebastian went to sleep with barely a peep! He is right now sleeping soundly in a big boy bed, right beside his little brother Lucas. WTF!? It is incredible how the most mundane things can get me all choked up and existential. This is just such a big deal for me. Everytime I reach a milestone, pass a threshold, fit a new mold, I have a mini-existential crisis, re-evalutating my existence, along with everyone else's... I mean, this is it - one of the delicious facets of multiple children. I put one down, then the other, and when they are both asleep, I look at them, peacefully asleep because another (beautiful) little creature is sleeping alongside. Two little boys breathing softly, gently, sleeping. How simple, how basic, how nothing, how everything.

Of course, I have no idea what kind of night I have ahead of me. Last night Lucas woke at 4:30am for a bottle. Sebastian, though more calm since quitting daycare, still has his middle-of-the-night wakings/whining sessions. Hopefully, if/when he does, he isn't too disoriented and can go back to sleep on his own, without waking Lucas. Tiziano worked the night shift last night, and actually worked till 2am putting out a fire (too bad it started raining AFTER the fire was put out!!!). So he should get the full-night's sleep tonight.

We agreed that from now on, Sebastian sleeps in his bed in his room. If he needs us, it will be me to go and lie down with him, but that's it. I mean, my mother is arriving on Thursday. We need the sofabed for her.

Okay, finished pumping. Gonna go sleep. Hopefully for the whole night!!!!

Over and out! n@

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