Friday, 20 March 2009

Daycare parents teacher meeting

Our daycare had a meeting for the parents. I was dying to go because I wanted to hear all about Sebastian, talk about the things they do, the philosophy of the daycare, and other generally informative topics.

Instead, I spent two hours listening to all these families talk about their children. Occasionally it was eye-opening, but it was mostly a royal waste of time. I don't really care about what other people's kids do, say, play at the dinner table; the latest funniest thing they say, the various things they do to misbehave, etc., etc., etc. They all talked at the same time, and there was no real direction to the conversation, no point to all the babble, and no seeming end point. After two hours, we made up an excuse to leave, even though we probably looked like hoity, toity snobs.

The only thing I wanted to know was more about why they choose not to organize any activities to stimulate the kids. And I was still not convinced - I still feel like they leave the kids to fend for themselves. They said that forcing activities was an imposition and almost violent to the little ones who need to approach things at their own pace, etc. I can't help but think that Sebastian would enjoy himself more if he felt like he was wanted, and invited to join in, baited into activities that I KNOW he wants to take part in. But in the fear that these poor children may feel forced to do something that would be traumatizing, they leave the gentle ones alone.

Conclusion: we are going to take Sebastian out of daycare.

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