Sunday, 15 March 2009

My Weekend

My in-laws spontaneously took Sebastian Friday night, so I was able to rest up on Saturday. And I needed it, because yesterday was one of those "Parenting-is-not-just-cuddles-and-cute-smiles"-day. Sebastian broke balls from the moment he woke until, well not the moment he fell asleep (oddly enough), but 10 minutes before going to sleep. And to think, that we catered most of the day around things that HE would like to go: we went to the lake to throw stones in the water, to run up and down the skateboard ramp, to spin around the playground merry-go-round. He had gelato in the afternoon, Tiziano played in the sand with him until nightfall, and throughout the entire day, he whined, whimpered, and threatened tantrums if we didn't do these things just so.

By evening, when it came to dinnertime, you can just imagine how much he ate! Then he put his feet on the table, and started playing with water, two big no-nos at our house. After both TIziano and I lost it, we finally put him on time-out, while he wailed pitifully. If he could speak, he would be calling out to the village asking someone to save him from his terrible, good-for-nothing parents...

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