Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Are the Desperate Housewives really desperate?

Sometimes I wonder whether the Desperate Housewives are really desperate or not... I mean I think I lose it more often than they do, and I wouldn't qualify myself as desperate. Or should I? Actually, I am proud of myself for controlling myself as much as I do. I want to yell and scream so much more than I actually allow myself to, and most of the yelling and screaming happens at night when Sebastian loses it. (So there, it is his fault!...:/ )

The other thing that is weird about DH, is that their kids are never really there. I mean where in goodness' name does Lynette find the time for a weekly poker game? Where are her FIVE kids most of the time? I know that they are school-age now, but the whole program doesn't usually take place between 9am and 3:30pm, does it? And when does she get her cleaning and cooking done? Does she eat only microwave meals that don't require prep time? She is supposed to be cooking for SEVEN people, not just the measly three I cook for (Lucas is still on milk), and I, who am no Martha Stewart, take at least an hour every time I hit the kitchen.

And Edie? I know her son doesn't live with her, but wouldn't she call or write? Wouldn't she be involved in his life's problems and upkeep? As self-absorbed as she is, I know she MUST have a bit of love for her offspring, enough to occupy a bit of her mind?

And neurotic Susan? Her oh-so-perfect daughter/confidante is in college, but you would think she would be on the phone more frequently, or preparing care packages and organizing her next visits. Her relationship is kinda Gilmore-girlish, no? But nope, nothing. Heck, you barely even see her 5-yr-old son, who is still at a high-maintenance stage.

If that is what desperate looks like, then I am NOT inviting you into MY home!!!

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