Tuesday, 17 March 2009

No kids

I was supposed to go away for work on Thursday, for 2 days.

Though no one has said it specifically, we all implicitly agree that Tiziano shouldn't be left to fend for himself for too long periods of time alone with the children. It is far too strenuous for the poort guy.

So we asked if we could ship both off to his parents until Sunday morning. However, the seminar was cancelled (which I am actually sad about). And I haven't cancelled the "emergency childcare."

I feel terribly guilty about this. From Thursday until Sunday, the kids will be at their grandparents house. From Thursday until Sunday, my in-laws won't sleep soundly through the night. From Thursday to Sunday, I am no longer going away.

But we are still not going to cancel, because we both are TERRIBLY sleep-deprived. We are both TERRIBLY in need of some alone time. And since i work until Friday, the only day I will have is Saturday. And Sunday, Tiziano works. So when I go pick up the kids, I take them home to an empty house with no help. So I NEED the Saturday to rest.

A colleague told me not to sweat it: Tiziano's family has probably lied to me several times, so I shouldn't feel so guilty.

But I do.

But I won't cancel.

So I will burn in hell.

Oh well, at least I will be well rested when I do...

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