Sunday, 22 March 2009


My mother-in-law has been on our asses since the birth of our older son to baptize our kids. I have always refused: taking part in a Catholic religious ceremony feels about as natural as being part of a polygamous Muslim harem. Plenty of people do it, it serve its purpose, and hey, what works for you...

But WHY would I participate if I don't believe in it at ALL? Besides being insincere and hypocritical, it is also disrespectful towards those who DO believe in Catholicism. UGH, UGH, UGH.

I am doing it for my in-laws. Yup, and deep down, I knew that I would eventually need to do it for the boys because growing up, they would need/want to be full parts of their community. Don't worry, I haven't grown a new altruistic brain, here. If I do something for my in-laws, I am getting something in return! After years of shitty, lame-ass Christmases, I am putting my foot down: they are going to HAVE to stop celebrating Christmas in a restaurant. From now on, they are coming over for Christmas dinner to my place, and my kids are growing up with fun Christmas memories. I don't care how boring his family is, nor how bitchy and self-absorbed his sister-in-law is, Christmas is going to be a fun, family-filled tradition in my children's like.

Take THAT for rebellion in the face of tradition.

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