Thursday, 12 March 2009

Momversation et al.

I am so in love with the momversation podcast, manicmommies podcast,, and all the online mom communities!!!! My general wellbeing has improved dramatically since discovering these people! I love being able to identify with all the exciting and not-so-exciting parenthood problems from these other moms who I consider cool, young, modern, open-minded and NOT ITALIAN!

(...not that I want to bash Italian mamas, I mean, aren't they supposed to be the best in the world????)

But as an expat living in a secluded village in Italy, I ain't got much choice. Plus, working full-time and driving an hour each way to work leaves me very little free-time. Also, my colleagues are mostly childless and hip, and many don't want to hang out with a tired-out downer with two little ones (i.e., me). Or if they ARE moms, their kids are older (and so are they), so we have little in common, and they don't want to be bothered hanging out with a tired-out downer with two little ones (i.e., me). Also, because I work at a boarding school, for the occasional fun, friendly face that enjoys my company despite my being a tired-out downer with two little ones, socializing still involves sacrificing the scarce and therefore VERY precious free-time to drive the hour each way. Why make that sacrifice when there are so many less-tired-out, fun, childless people to visit who only live 5 minutes away?

Bottom line: I LOVE Momversation et al!!!

Thank you fellow online moms.

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