Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Women's shelter

At work, I am in charge of supervising the club of students that is responsible for a women's shelter/orphanage. Every 2nd week, I take a student down to teach English to the mothers, and 4 times a year, I take down the whole group down to organize a children's party. I really wanted to take on this club, and I really wanted to include volunteer work in my life. I also feel very strongly about think globally, act locally.

But every week, I dread it when the time comes to actually go! Why is that?

Ugly man

A really, really ugly man walked into my office today. And his ugliness looked like it came from within as well. He was all polite, and everything, but everything about him repelled me. Usually, I don't react like this to aesthetically unpleasing people. Mostly, I barely notice. But this one was ... could it be that I am not used to seeing ugly people anymore? Or has my talent for discerning people's inner core reached new heights?

I couldn't wait until he closed the door behind me. Ech!

Monday, 16 November 2009


Our close friends are preggers with twin girls. She is in her mid-40s, and he works 80-hour weeks and travels non-stop. They have never really lived together, because she is German, and has never had the guts to make a final move to Italy. In December, she is going to stay her, for 6 months, with her newborn twins.

I wonder how long they will last.

salsa dancing

This past weekend, I went salsa dancing with an incredible girl, who was in town for just a week. I am still buzzing, 3 days after. I have never seen a woman dance so well live. She was beyond stunning, graceful, skilled, beautiful. I would normally say, "I wanna be her!" (as a manner of speaking). But this girl has a blood disorder that forced her to stop dancing, her life's passion. And I am flabbergasted. I can't even wrap my head around the idea that such a beautiful girl, with so much talent and skill, can be so ill, so young. Why? Why? Why?

lucas as teenager

Got a glimpse today of what I can easily imagine Lucas becoming - a strong-willed, stubborn, rebellious teenager. Ugh.

Of course, when I was a teenager, the above qualifiers were compliments, synonymous with creativity, high intelligence, spunkiness, originality, and downright coolness.

Now that I am a mother, and may have to deal with this as a parent, I ain't think it so cool no more.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Who's more tired?

I hate it when we get into this power struggle. Because the truth is I am more tired, I do more, I compromise more, I get less alone time, less fun time, less getting-it-out exercise time.

The world being what it is, and men being who they are, my husband will never see this reality. The real frustration comes less from this reality than from the fact that my husband thinks HE does more, is more tired, compromises more, gets less alone time, less fun time, less getting-it-out exercise time.

So when hubby is going out for dinner in the evening, and leaving me alone to put the kids to bed - well, I always put the kids to bed - the least he could do is clean up the kitchen. But yesterday, he decided unilaterally that "he had done enough yesterday" and therefore I shouldn't push it, and I should clean the kitchen.

Of course, he has a nanny for 6 hours of the day, he gets every evening to himself, which he spends browsing the net and watching TV, any time there is sun and wind, he is out windsurfing, and of course, when I get home, I have to pull my weight because he did MORE in the home during the day.

And tonight, to drive the point home, he got up from dinner, and didn't even put his dish away. He went to computer to browse the net, and is now sitting watching TV.

I have to get up at 6am tomorrow, as I do 5 days a week, I have to spend 2 hours commuting, working full-time, and then on weekends, I have to let the nanny off and he still has to windsurf. So my weekends I am on full-time even more than he is during the week.


Friday, 6 November 2009

Halloween please

Last week, when I got back from work-week-away, it was Halloween. But since I was exhausted, and my kids have no idea what day it is, I celebrated it on November 1. This wouldn't normally have been a problem, except that we were going to the local pasticceria, and we were all in costume.

"Hey, why not? Who cares? What will people care? Of course you are just celebrating Halloween the day after, people will figure that out!"

But in effect, I doubt it.

In Italy, November 1 is the day of the dead, and everyone actually goes to cemeteries to pay respects. They all then head to the local pasticceria for some pastries and hot chocolate. Actually, in rural Italy (which is where I live), they don't even celebrate Halloween. So seeing two grown women and two little boys with little ponytails/snail antenna popping up from their heads is NOT obviously extended Halloween partying.

Moreover, in Italy, everyone thinks it very important to be like everyone else: innovation, diversity, originality are for crazy people only.

Call me the crazy Maccagno mama.

Monday, 2 November 2009

lucas walking

So I had to chaperone Academic Travel, and while I was gone, Lucas learned to walk on his own. Yes, he was almost there. Yes, he was already barely holding on to our fingers when he walked. Yes, he was at his grandmother's house when it happened. But the fact remains that I was away and missed on of the major milestones in my little son's life. WALKING.

I do realize that every day is a milestone. That walking is only a big deal because of the Kodak commercials and cliches. But when I think about, I still tear up!