Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Big boy bed

Tiziano and I went to Ikea today to get a big boy bed for Sebastian. Right now Tiziano and I take turns sleeping in the sofabed downstairs while one of us sleeps with Sebastian. But my mother arrives in a month, and she will need to use the sofa bed, so we need to get him out of our bed and out of our bedroom. We are hoping that the transition will be easier if we can get him excited about joining the world of big people. We are also hoping that sharing a room with Lucas will make him less lonely and desperate for us at night. We are hoping that we are not hoping too unrealistically.

However, of course, Ikea didn't have the bed we wanted in stock, so we had to order it. The guy said it would take 10 days. Ouch! I was starting to look forward to sleeping normally soon. Oh well, another 2 weeks ...

I am trying to enjoy this (hopefully last) time of co-sleeping. When I am not too tired, and I don't have to wake up at 5:30am to go to work, and it isn't my turn to do Lucas's nightfeedings, I actually enjoy sleeping with Sebastian. Nothing as precious as a sleeping child. His little breath, his little peaceful face, his little arms either holding onto his stuffed animals or sprawled across the bed. When he randomly sits up and then snuggles up to me, wanting to be spooned or held or hugged, I just get filled with warm and fuzzy feelings and cascades of fierce protective love.

(Did I already say that this is only sweet when I am not severely sleep-deprived and I do not have to wake up at 5:30am to go to work and it isn't my turn to do Lucas's nightfeedings?)

I found out today that I will have to go away for work for 2 full days in two weeks. And OMG, I am sooo excited. Isn't it horrible? That means 2 full nights of sleep. That means 2 full days of child-free, care-free, worry-free living. That means 2 days away from it all! I don't care WHAT I have to do when I am away, I am just excited I get to LEAVE! But the bonus is that I will actually finally be able to see Neuschwanstein Castle (Cinderella castle), the castle that I have been wanting to see for the past 20 yrs. Whoop, whoop!!!!

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