Saturday, 26 December 2009

First real Christmas Italy that is. Last year, I was forced to spend Christmas at a restaurant. There is really nothing more depressing. So in exchange for baptizing my children, Tiziano's family agreed to spend Christmas at my place. I made a turkey dinner, stuffed stockings, decorated a real tree, and the house, and invited the fam over for an abundant meal.

It was still a little anti-climactic, I have to say. His family just doesn't get into it the way my family usually does. I think it is mainly because they don't drink, and no one has any hobbies or personal pursuits. Also, no one really listens, or engages in interesting conversation. And the young'uns (Tiziano's 24 and 25-yr-old nepphew and niece) aren't allowed to exist. I was pouring wine for Veronica, and as she was about to say stop, her mother was stopping me for her. I mean, she's 24 yrs old! And her brother didn't come, because of some other responsibility, which no one will really say, probably because it isn't a responsibility, and everyone is afraid I would be offended.

Thankfully, I bought Taboo, and they kind of got into if, for about an hour. And the kids provided some entertainment. Also, thank goodness that Karine is here too. But I really saw how they all perceive Christmas: lots of work, for no particular reason.

I think I am just going to have to resign myself to going home to Montreal for Christmas!

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Naked time

I **LOVE** seeing Lucas run around naked! I don't do it often, undress him and let him run loose around the house, that is. But omg he is so friggin adorable when he does!!!!! I can't think of anything cuter. His chubby little legs, butt, pot-belly... and him, rosy-cheeked, giggling, excited as can be by his newfound freedom! And Sebastian likes to chase him and try to tickle his butt-cheeks, which throws Lucas into a frenzy of laughter.



The first thing that I thought when Tiziano said his father died was, "So much for a day of rest."

The second thing I thought was, "Oh shit."

The third thing I thought, which I said out loud was, "Go to your mother."

So I am not such a cold-hearted biatch, am I?

Monday, 7 December 2009

more pain or pleasure?

Would it really be more difficult if I were alone? Because marriage certainly creates more pain than pleasure, that's for sure.



After the crazy weekend I just had, Tiziano just gives me hell. WTF?

I am sick and tired of him taking out all his anger on me. For nothing. For nothing. I am so tired of this shit. Take me away, please. Why won't this all just end?

Thursday, 3 December 2009

preferring nanny over mom?

Lucas tonight wanted to sit on Karine's lap, not mine. He cried his little butt off when she carried him over to me. I was so annoyed. I know this is fickle, and he's just a baby, and she spends the whole time with them, but I get really annoyed. And when Sebastian defers to her when eating, asking her permission to eat, drink, have some cheese, change the channel. I am the MOTHER, for goodness' sake! Sebastian went through a similar phase where he all about daddy, and didn't really have much interest in mommy unless it was for boob. I guess Lucas is going through that now...