Friday, 6 March 2009


As most people in my life know, Sebastian is not a "sleeper". In the 27 months of his short little life, he has slept well for 3 months. By well, I mean in his crib, in his room, through the night, without fussing before, during, or after his sleep.

The latest weaning process we have been trying to carry out (again) is letting him fall asleep by himself, in our bed (well it is really my bed now - Tiziano mostly sleeps downstairs). Even though I have been doing the exact same thing that worked beautifully last week (i.e., talk to him calmly, explaining that mommy has to clean the kitchen, pump her milk, bla, bla, bla), this week it is useless, and he has started crying at the top of his lungs when I leave the room. No apparent explanation. Crying is just one of the methods he uses to try getting me to stay with him until he falls asleep.

Tonight, though, the little furbetto succeeded!

He knows I'm a sucka for cuddling, so he leaned up against me, spread his little arm around my neck and essentially full-body hugged me before our last book. Then he pretended to go to sleep and guessed that I would be too much of a sucka to extricate myself from his embrace. He guessed right. My heart just melted, I full-body hugged him back, and I counted my blessings as I dozed off myself.


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