Wednesday, 1 April 2009


What a topic. Needs vs. desires. For child and for mom.

I am writing about this because a colleague reminded me of this today: if you satisfy a small child's needs right away, it goes away. If not, it transforms and grows with the child. I always agreed with this principle, but had lost sight of it last night in another bout of despair I had with Sebastian lack of tranquil sleeping.

Screw this, if he needs to be sleeping with me, then he can just come into bed with me. At least until he is 3, we are just going to have to suck it up. Apparently, 3 is the magic age when all children suddenly start sleeping. I have 8 more months to go. I keep thinking I want to sleep with hubby again, or that Sebastian may be "spoiled" for sleep, or as they say in Italian, "facendo capprici." But I probably know deep down it isn't that. He has never been a sound sleeper. Even when he sleeps with me, he still usually wakes up at a certain point scared and searching for me.

What are my needs vs my desires? I feel like they are one and the same right now.

I need some sleep, I need some alone time, I need some freedom, I need some love and pampering.

I want some sleep, I want some alone time, I want some freedom, I want some love and pampering.

Maybe if I got one of the above, the rest of the above would go away.


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