Saturday, 21 March 2009


I can't believe it! My windsurf and kitesurf instructor husband and I just got into a fight because I want to take kitesurfing lessons!!! WTF? Ever since I first saw the sport, I have been wanting to learn it. But since where we live, the conditions for learning it are rare, he uses those opportunities to teach his customers, instead of me (understandable). So I have never really gotten around to learning. And one of the reasons that I am frustrated about choosing getaway destinations with him is because we never want to visit the same places: he wants to go windsurfing, and I want to go somewhere where I can actually do something.

So now, we are going to Tuscany for Easter, and I figure, 'Hey... why not take kitesurfing lessons?' Maybe this way, in the future, I could get excited about going to the places he always wants to go to, because I will be able to do something!!! This summer, I am going to invest in a nanny specifically so I can spend the afternoons perfecting my windsurfing, but after 5 years of trying the sport, I am still doubtful about whether I will get the windsurfing craze. Kitesurfing on the other hand, is easier, cheaper, more lightweight...

And you know what he says?!??! He says it is stupid for me to waste money on the course because where we live, the conditions are not good for kitesurfing. WTF???? If I were on my own, living in Montreal, and going for a vacation, I would SO take the course. Here, I am married to an instructor, live by the lake, have access to two motor boats and could potentially spend the rest of my vacations going to windy spots, and Tiziano is thinks it is a waste of money.


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