Saturday, 30 May 2009

back from workland

I stayed on campus for 4 days and just came back home today. It was really, really weird. When I stay at TASIS to sleep, it's like I dissolve into another world. The two realities are so very different. And although I am very happy to be back home ("I need home for a rest"), I have to admit though, I had a blast. I drank and ate at every event, danced to my heart's content two of the three nights, and socialized peacefully, knowing that no one was waiting for me at home, that I didn't have to drive home and back, and that I just had to walk down the street to hit bed. I was the last one out of every party... ;)

However, I am so fortunate to be able to experience the joy of coming home to my lovely little Lucas. Sebastian is at his grandparents, so I was able to "godere" Lucas this afternoon. He is just mesmerizing, spectacular, enchanting, adorable, scrumptious, sweet, delicious, innocent, curious, gentle... And I have two beautiful little baby boys.

And as cliche as it may sound, these boys, my life here, my husband, mother, home, garden, dogs, kitchen... THIS is Life. Not the fun drinking wildlife that I just re-visited these past few nights at TASIS. That is bullshit. Illusory fun. Politics. Deception. Decadence. The Emperor with No Clothes.

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