Thursday, 7 May 2009

Baptism rivalry

Four years ago, we arrived late to my nepphew's baptism. My sister- and brother-in-law were VERY upset. When his boss came late, it was all smiles and ass-kissing. But us, they shunned us and have shunned us ever since. I was getting hopeful for a while there, when Tiziano's brother bought a Christmas gift for Sebastian. This is his way of making peace! But he has refused every single invitation we have ever given him. He has never been to see our house, never met Lucas, never really tried to form any kind of bond with Sebastian, and has now invented a shit excuse to not attend our baptism.

That's it. I don't ever want to see them again.

And I hate that I feel this way. I have avoided this phrase from the beginning, thinking, 'No need to be as petty as they are. Be the better person. Swallow your pride and continue trying.' Well screw that. If they wanted to punish us, they could have just shown up late to our baptism. It would have ended there. But for some reason, our 15 minutes lateness merits much more rejection than tit for tat.

The crazy thing is that they have a single child, and have the most to benefit from cousins, etc. We at least have two sons close in age, who will keep each other company throughout their lives. We need the family less than they do.

And I am still willing to ignore that bitch for the sake of our children. Let them have beautiful childhood memories and bonds where blood is thicker than water.

And Tiziano's mother obviously does NOTHING to bring them together. She makes up excuses for him, and seems to not mind having single relationships with all her children. None of her children have real relationships with each other. How crazy is that? Then again, she has a brother who she hasn't spoken to in over 20 years. What can a brother do in order to completely alienate his own sister?

Then there's my mother's family. THey have done all kinds of crazy shit to each other, and they still love each other to death. When push comes to shove, they step up to the task.

I guess the bonds that tie Tiziano to his family are murky and plague-infested waters! My sons will be linked by the thickest of bloods there are!!!

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