Saturday, 16 May 2009


I just finished supervising my LAST SATURDAY DETENTION EVER!!!! YEAH! I HATE Saturday detention. Not only is it a logistical pain in the ass, it ruins my weekend, I don't the rest I need in time for Monday, but the actual work - supervising a bunch of attention-seeking misbehaving brats - is painfully draining.

I am reminded by how incredibly immature young people usually are, by how much energy they waste on such stupid stuff. Just the amount of time they spend whining, passing notes, trying to get my attention by chatting, asking to go to the bathroom, asking me stupid questions, they could just take the time to work, read, write, do their homework. The time would pass sooner, they would get their work done and so have more free time later, and they would NOT get on my nerves.

And I don't WANT to spend all my time with young people by yelling, or disciplining, or catching them. Mostly, if it isn't too blatant, I try to ignore their antics. But when they are so friggin obvious, I can't let them get away with shit. So I have to command respect. UGH.

Then sometimes I do enjoy bantering with them. It's true, that the bad-asses are usually more spunky and interesting. And often, even more intelligent. I come away from these Saturday detentions knowing a few more names, and a few more personalities.

However, I would like to have my interaction with the kids be more meaningful, fun, interesting.

NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!

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