Thursday, 14 May 2009

dance class

I went to my delicious jazz dance class tonight. Only my second time, and I LOVE it! Dancing is just about the only activity that will guarantee that I think of nothing else, that will wipe my mind clean of all anxiety, thoughts, feelings... I LOVE it! And I DO feel guilty taking this time for myself, because my kids don't see me the whole day, because my mom or TIziano has to put the kids to bed, because I feel like I shouldn't be experiencing so much pleasure that is totally unrelated to my children.

But I know that a happy mom makes for a better mom.

That when I spend time on me, I am more happy to spend time with my boys.

But in THEIR world? Mom is gone all day, and then she doesn't even come home to put us to bed. Why? Because she is taking a dance course...

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