Monday, 4 May 2009


Guest season has started! Yeah!

Although it is super hectic, I have to admit I love having guests. They make me appreciate everything about my life. Although I know that I would have it no other way, I sometimes feel overwhelmed, dazed, half conscious of the days that go by. Yes, even a little imprisoned. (I said it, yes, imprisoned, shoot me!)

But when people come to visit, and they can't get over how beautiful the area is, how delicious my boys are, how wonderful my husband is, how awesome my job/workplace is, it makes me stop and enjoy things with a fresh perspective.

My high school friend, who I reconnected with through Facebook, just left, and my sister and her hubby arrive tomorrow.

The only negative aspect of this fresh perspective is that there is little room for complaining, which I obviously need to do once in a while! And my sister is not one to listen sympathetically to complaints.

Sigh, another 10 days of appreciating things non-stop!!!! ;)

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