Friday, 22 May 2009


Is there or is there NOT a "cure" for cellulite??? TOday, I paid 100CHF for a 2-hour anti-cellulite treatment. First time ever. Treatment I mean. Definitely not the first time I ever had cellulite, that's for sure!

The woman measured me at key points of my body, before and after, and I immediately shrunk 20cm cumulatively. And she wasn't being "furba" either. She didn't tighten the measuring tape after the treatment. So yes, that space is gone.

BUT, my pants didn't feel any looser. And I still see TONS of cellulite. My office mate says it takes about 5 times and it really works. The esthethist says that lymph nodes stimulation stir everything up over a few days, and that it is mostly water.

Is it? Did it go away and I just have so much of the stuff that I don't see the difference? Or am I falling prey to the placebo-self-fulfilling-prophecy-fake-it-till-you-feel-it predator?

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