Monday, 18 May 2009

Menstrual binging

I have been eating way too much these past few weeks. I don't what it is! Today was going so well, I ate mostly proteins and healthy carbs. No sweets. Took a walk at work. And of course, it is as if I ate too healthy today, because this evening, no controlling myself. I HAD to have the chocolate covered wafers. Now, instead of going to bed feeling light and inspired for tomorrow, I feel stuffed and guilty. I have gained 6 LBS since going back to work, and bikini season is starting soon. And I just don't have time to excercise. I hate these incontrollable cravings! I thought the ones from the weekend were because I was pms-ing. Can today still be written off as menstrual binging? I guess I am going to have to pretend it is, because no going back now!


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