Sunday, 24 May 2009

Disfrutar, gozar, godere...

Words in Spanish and Italian that are not quite "appreciate" or "enjoy." They are better. And they are verbs for what I would like to do with my children. I want more than to appreciate and enjoy, I want to godere. This weekend, which should have been about resting and spending time with my kids, I was busy entertaining, shuffling them around to my various appointments. And I was EXHAUSTED. So whenever I was with them alone and had a few moments to play with them, I barely had the energy.

A colleague at work says that she can't even look at the photos of her sons when they were little because it hurts too much. Will that be me? Will I look back at the photos with pain and think I wasted these years with them? I can't let that happen. I must ENJOY them to the maximum.

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