Saturday, 2 May 2009

Night nurse

I just found out that a FB friend of mine who just had a baby, has hired a night nurse. She sleeps 8 hours straight, 6 days out of 7.


My immediate reaction was like you BAD MOTHER! Offloading the work onto someone else. Then I thought about it, realized that a good night's sleep makes us better parents exponentially, and why shouldn't she invest in a night nurse if she could afford it?

Then envy started creeping in. And my subsequent reaction was YOU RICH BITCH! Then I thought about it and realized that she lives in Mexico city, where labour is cheap, and a professional could probably afford to hire someone to do everything, so really, if I were in her situation, I too would hire someone to do night duty.

Then I just resigned my self. My karma has had me going without sleep for many, many years: first it was insomnia, then it was sleepless babies. Next it will be adolescent boys.

At least I have a cleaning lady...

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