Tuesday, 13 December 2011

a woman's work is never done

DISCLAIMER: I have a husband who helps more in every way than any other husband I have ever seen, anywhere.

The injustice - or the sheer power - of it all.

A woman will always do more, even when she does less. Case in point: I used to work full-time. When I came home (mind you, to a home-cooked meal and all the laundry done), hubby clocked out. Weekends, hubby clocked out to go windsurfing. The logic being I wanted to spend any spare time I could with my kids, who I didn't get a chance to see during the week, AND that all the extra time hubby had taking care of the house made him tired of being around the kids, therefore deservedly off duty.

However, now that I work part-time, when hubby works the full day, the logic then is that I should do everything at home, because he's worked the whole day. He clocks out when he gets home at 5:30 (did I mention that when I worked full-time I would wake up at 6am, get home at 6:30pm). And on top of that, he's grumpy, and I can't ask him to do anything, because he's tired.

Then there's the injustice that these days, his work is physical. Mine is mental. In other words, physical work is harder than mental work. Always. He hasn't read the stats on stress. Or the physical work of creating another human being inside me. Nah, that's nothing.

Same goes in the summer. In the summer, he works at the windsurf school. I am at home full-time. This means I must do everything: laundry, cooking, shopping, cleaning, etc.

And the most annoying part of this is that I am not allowed to complain. Most men do even less. Most women do even more. Backwards and with heels. I've got the best there is.

The injustice - or the sheer power - of it all.

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