Friday, 16 December 2011

Italian marriages?

I just can't stand Italian marriages. Italian couples. Italian marriage dynamics. It's such b*llsh*t. I am considered lucky. And apparently my hubby makes an effort compared to most Italian men, even to his father. But wtf, why can't men and women have normal conversations? Why the stereotype of female moodiness and nagging, when it's the men who are grumpier when tired, who don't want to talk about anything when they get home from work, who bust chops about how well the house is kept or not. My hubby is considered one of the better ones, but holy f*** do I get frustrated when finally I've put the kids to bed, and can sit on the couch with hubby, can talk without interruptions, can spend some *quality* time, that hubby goes mute. First computer and windsurfing BS. Then the TV goes on. And I can't even talk during commercials! WTF???? WTF????? Every goddamn evening. What kind of f**king marriage is this? And I am one of the lucky ones? We are two adults, we share the same bed, we live together, our lives are completely intertwined, and we can't have a f**king conversation.

I'm sick of this. And I am one of the lucky ones. F***.

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