Thursday, 22 December 2011

firemen help Santa Claus

Yesterday I had one of those precious mother/wife moments that I will never forget. Pride, love, sweetness, adoration, laughter...

Hubby was working at the fire station, and the asilo teachers asked him if he could stage a Santa-saving episode for the kids. At first we was annoyed, but he agreed. The kids had no idea what was in store. They were told that Santa Claus was coming to visit them at school. They walked out of the asilo, and saw that Santa was stuck on the roof! He couldn't get down the chimney! So Sonia, Sebastian's teacher suggested they call the firemen. Meanwhile, Tiziano and his crew were waiting down the street. When Sonia called them, the firetrucks put the sirens on and came racing down the street. Oh my god, you should have seen how excited the kids were, I cannot even begin to describe Lucas's excitement. He could barely move his face, he was in such rapture. I have actually never seen him this "emozionato"! He was happy, yet surprised, excited, but frozen with disbelief, Santa, firemen, the new firetruck, and his daddy all in one episode... It was the most beautiful moment I have experienced as a mother and wife so far. Every time I think of it, even now, I tear up. Sebastian was happy in a typical child way, smiling, happy, laughing, but Lucas was beside himself.

I brought mother-in-law with me to see it, and she too was touched and moved.

What a beautiful, beautiful day.

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