Friday, 16 December 2011

Italian doctors

So I call and call and call this doctor who is supposed to be an awesome pediatric allergologist (for Lucas's allergies).

No answer ever.

Then I send an sms. (already, you must be thinking WTF? an sms to a doctor???) I get an answer saying, "If you want, I can see him on Monday at 10am." I sms saying that's not a good time, if she has any other time. Silence. I sms again questioning whether she had a chance to look at her agenda. Silence. Hubby tells me that she must have been offended that I didn't bow down and be ever so grateful that she tried to squeeze me in, bla, bla, f**king bla.

WTF????? First of all, she's private, and she doesn't have a friggin secretary. Second of all, I have to send her a goddamn text message. Third of all, if I don't immediately rearrange all my life around her random appointment, then she ignores me? WTF?? WTF?? What is wrong with this goddamn country, this goddamn system? With people in general??? With Italians in particular????

So, because she is apparently so difficult to get a hold of, I am going to have to rearrange my whole f***king life to see her, pay her too much, under the table. If she prescribes f***king antihistamines/cortisone or tells me it's f**king dust or tomatoes, I swear, I am going to explode.

ARGH!!!!!! I am HATING this country right now!!!

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