Tuesday, 13 December 2011

daddy is bigger, daddy is stronger


Tonight, Sebastian called to me to say that his coloring book at school was ripped. I told him I would look at it tomorrow. Lucas said, "Mommy can't fix things. Ask daddy." They subsequently started fighting about who was better, stronger, could fix things. Sebastian vigorously defending my fix-it skills. Lucas vigorously saying daddy is a man, daddy is bigger, daddy is stronger.

Lucas is painfully obsessed with hubby. Often it's funny, usually it's convenient, occasionally it hurts, and sometimes, rarely, it fills me with self-pity. What's the point of motherhood if not even in the toddler/pre-school years, I get that adoring unconditional love that is reserved for mothers?! Isn't that supposed to be the just recompense for pregnancy, childbirth, nursing and years of sacrifice? The feeling, and eventually the memory of that unconditional need for mother's nurturing, cuddles, love, care?

Hopefully, number 3 will take after Sebastian. I just have to resign myself to the fact that Lucas will be pretty much a write-off. No future relationship there... :(

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