Wednesday, 29 April 2009

A few more consequences of chronic sleep deprivation...

It is incredible how many little mistakes and oversights I am committing at work these days, these weeks, these months.

Either I have quite suddenly become a severely scatterbrained twit or sleep deprivation is affecting ever more aspects of my daily life. With certain people, the important people, I make typos, screw up numbers, write wrong emails, don't finish sentences, forget my left foot from my right. We're talking about some basic, basic shit.

I am actually getting to be scared of what my brain will think up and tell me to do! And I really don't see much hope in sight. I have two weeks ahead of constant visitors, and visitors always means more outings and fewer naps. I am also on duty two more Saturdays this month. And my killer week of the year is also coming up.

Whodda thunk how so terribly important sleep was for the most basic intellectual tasks.

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