Tuesday, 28 April 2009


Today's Momversation podcast was about divorce. It was really touching. I have started to form one-way bonds with the women who contribute to the Momversation podcasts, it is pretty crazy. And all of them were in some way affected by divorce: either they were divorced themselves, or they were children of divorce.

Although the message was quite positive, it really only confirmed how damaging divorce can be on the children.

I should probably listen to the podcast whenever I am feeling husband blues. Because the stuff Tiziano and I fight about is so silly and unimportant. Just simple shit that would never merit the huge pain that it would cause our children.

I am a "child of divorce" (quotes are to dampen the cheese of the phrase), and divorce has always seemed a very easy option to choose if ever I was miserable with the man. But now that I think about it, it has probably made me more committed to my marriage - I don't take anything for granted because I know how easy it is for the relationship to degenerate.

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