Friday, 24 April 2009

More husband blues...

... which did get better!

But, since I mentioned it...

UGH! So I am going through a mid-career crisis (I want to do a Master's), and the other night, when I was talking about my choices to Tiziano, he sighed heavily and essentially ignored me. I said, "Sorry! Am I disturbing you? Is there something on TV that you really want to watch?" To which he replied, "Sigh... it is just that... well, I mean, what you are talking about isn't really urgent, and it's not as if you have to make a decision tonight... and I am trying to watch..." I didn't let him finish his sentence of course.

And then a stupid little fight ensued. He accused me of a double standard:

Him: "God forbid anyone disturb you when you are watching Desperate Housewives!"

Me: "Once a week, for 45 minutes, I ask to watch a TV show and for some silence. How can you possibly compare my wanting to have a chat with my husband one evening when every evening he plops down on the couch to watch TV!"

Him: "S*I*G*H*... I get home tired, and I just want some peace ... !"

Me (thinking): 'Oh and of course, I am not tired, because I wasn't the first person up this morning, spent 2 hours in traffic, worked a full day, came home to feed the kids, put them to bed, and wanted to have a simple chat with my husband before pumping my milk and going to bed...'

Thankfully, he then came into the bedroom, apologized, hugged me and let me talk about all my choices for a Master's. What a sweetie in the end!

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