Wednesday, 8 December 2010

local school or workplace?

I work at a school. Today I went to a Christmas concert where all the elementary school kids were on stage. The pre-school kids were Sebastian's age and they were A*D*O*R*A*B*L*E. I even reconsidered sending Sebastian to the school...

Then by the end of the concert, where I had spent most of it watching my colleague's children, I again was happy that my kids will NOT go to the school I work at. First of all, I would always want to see them and be with them. I would micro-manage their teachers. I would analyze every single aspect of their education and question the people I entrust them with for results, practices, techniques, pedagogy, qualifications, etc.

But, most terrifyingly, I would hate the gaze of my colleagues as they observe, judge, analyze my kids and see reflections of me.

It is really better for them and for me that I work far away from the world where they will grow and become themselves.

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