Saturday, 5 November 2011

immigrant rants

Today a German friend of mine came over, and after a few niceties, and our children starting their timid play, we started our usual rant against all things Italian.

Alas, we are the stereotypical immigrants, complaining about how the locals do things, and pining for the eden that is our respective homes.

She's got it worse than I do, because in Germany, one can get the calm of small towns with the amenities of a big city. In Canada, small town life is crap. Culture, amenities, diversity is only in the cities, but then you're living in a city, which sucks. Montreal is awesome, but then where would I live? Plus, those winters! And the language problem! And the work hours/schedule. Lucky to get 3 weeks off! Ugh.

Nope. It's got to be better here, despite Italians, and Italian food, and Italian children, and Italian schools, and ...

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