Thursday, 3 November 2011

work blues advice

I've been so strong this year at work. Not caring, not losing my cool, not taking anything personally, not trying to make any new friends, enjoying what there is to enjoy, suffering what there is to suffer.

Until this week. A glitch from last month is coming back to haunt me, and I am losing it again. I slept terribly last night, as I have been for the past 15 weeks, but this time, the cause was work blues. Why for goodness' sake can't I just let it all go????

I tell myself, I need to get stronger so I can actually succeed in my next job, which I hope will be a much bigger career. I need to learn to manage people, and not give a s**t. Hubby reminded me that these moments are just episodes, not the whole job, and most importantly not my whole life.

Hubby has really got his s**t together. I am quite honored he chose me as his life partner. To have earned and maintained his respect is truly an honor. I don't want to lose it.

(but he's super lucky to have me too!!!!!!) :)

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