Thursday, 3 November 2011

different pregnancy

This pregnancy is different than the other two, and this of course must mean I am having a girl. How could it be anything else?

I am 17 weeks + 4 days, and still suffer regular bouts of nausea; I have terrible indigestion; I have been sleeping terribly since conception, both because of insomnia and because of vivid dreams; I have difficulty doing no. 2; I am eating a tonne of eggs, and can't stand fish. I am going through things MUCH more rough than w Seb and Lucas.

Oh and I am barely showing. The bulge at my mid-riff (shh, don't tell anyone!) is mostly chub.

It must be a girl.

People say pregnancies with girls are more difficult than those with boys, more nausea, more discomfort, etc.

It must be a girl.

Twenty more days til I find out.

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