Tuesday, 24 January 2012

scratch, scratch, itch, itch

Lucas every night scratches his eczema as a way to post-pone bedtime. He hasn't had an actual allergic outbreak in weeks. But he is carrying these terrible scars/scabs for months now. The ones that started soon after his last cortisone/antibiotics/antihistamine dose. Every time I think it's about to go away (after applying cortisone cream multiple times a day and hydrating him non-stop), bed time comes along. It is exasperating and driving both hubby and I completely bonkers. And I can't get a friggin appointment with another allergist pediatrician. Ugh.

He's supposed to outgrow it.

Yeah, but when? At what cost? Will I be able to sleep at any point before then? Will he be permanently scarred, literally?

Then I am told to give him small doses of parmesan to get his immune system used to it. Yeah, but if he's scratching without an outbreak, imagine what disaster could happen if I start this home-diagnosis. I want him all cleaned up before I start that.




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