Tuesday, 24 January 2012

my big, fat, pregnant body

I have, once again, gained too much weight during pregnancy. But this time, it isn't only because of overeating, but because I never move! I am always sitting, and have no time or place to actually move. The week that I was at ski week, where I snowshoed or moved every day, I didn't gain a gram. I got back to work, 1.5 kg in a week. There is little I can do about it. We are in the apartment, with no garden so I can't just take walks in circles. I have to drive the kids to school, drive to work, sit at my desk and work furiously (i.e., stressed) for a few hours, drive back to pick up the kids, and then go home. Hubby is up at the house all day every day.

I can't WAIT to do a spinning class again. To go anaerobic! To huff and puff and feel that runner's high after. To sleep well because I moved. To lose all these pregnancy reserves.

Unfortunately, I will be having a c-section, which makes me mostly immobile for at least 2 weeks, and unable to do any real exercise for at least a month.

Yuck yuck yuck.

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