Thursday, 1 April 2010

stressing about stress

Every time I organize something fun for my kids, you know, to take them out and about, etc., I get super stressed. The whole process is so friggin' annoying. Last week, I took them to Swiss Miniature. I wanted to take them there in the morning, have lunch, and have them sleep in the car on the way back so that their nap schedule wasn’t tampered with. Simple enough, right? Nope. Because, I had to make sure to get them out of the house fed, peed, clean at by 9:30, so that we actually get there by 10:30, and they could have a few hours of fun. Then, even though I printed out the directions, I screwed them up, and we ended up taking the scenic route, which is the one I wanted to take on the way back. So Lucas fell asleep (sleep routine down the drain), and Sebastian got bored, antsy, and annoying, which made me get all grumpy, and so on. The entire morning was just stressful, annoying, a little boring, and expensive. Add to this having foregone my daily nap... I was a mess. Where's the fun and relaxation in all this???

Tomorrow I am taking them to the zoo. I'm a saint.

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