Thursday, 29 April 2010

hubby incompetence

My office mate today reassured that my hubby was not any worse than your average man. And therefore I am relieved. I think.

Story: Lucas has had eczema-type outbreaks for about a year now. And hubby's management of the affair has been just about useless! The latest move was to pay a private pediatrician to do an allergy test, and she didn't! She basically told us to eliminate milk products and his stuffed animal, and to come back in two months. WTF!? The whole reason for not showing up to the hospital appt, organized my our 'public' pediatrician (who said not much different from the private pediatrician) was because it would be a waste of time, and they wouldn't do the allergy test. So, 3 months after our original appointment, we get the exact same verdict, which is a run-around bullshit answer, no allergy test, and we STILL don't know the cause of Lucas's outbreaks!!!

As my other office mate says, this is the cost of going to work and not staying home with the kids. But really, this just means that a woman has to do EVERYTHING!!! UGH!!

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