Tuesday, 20 April 2010

boring meeting

I had one of the most boring meetings of my life today. I tried to make it a learning experience, you know, learning about how managers try to make their employees think they care about their opinions, learning about how corporate sales people handle angry customers, learning, learning, learning.

But I was tired and grumpy, and the only way I could think was arrogantly: these people with their small little problems, making a big deal about nothing; these people who are clueless about how to use Excel and ask Corporate VPs to little "create columns" in their interfaces, etc.; these defensive Ticino business people who could save so much time, and earn so much more money if they just TRIED to understand that you just need to make customers feel like they are right.

I hate it when I feel all this snottiness and superiority bullshit. It is an illusion. And the fall to earth is painful if I get too lofty. But OMG, what a complete waste of an hour today!

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