Wednesday, 10 June 2009


Today was the first day in a LONG time that I was home with both kids for the WHOLE day. And holy cow, did I forget how tiring and stressful it is! And everything is especially difficult because I am basically a cripple. My hands are so bad. And they are worse when I get little sleep and/or am stressed. Which means today they were really acting up. I am getting REALLY sick and tired of this friggin eczema. I need a quick fix, fast. I ended up drinking coffee and coke a week after my homeopathic treatment, and I don't know whether that is why it didn't go away. It did get worse, though, which could be part of the remedy or it could be because my mom was here.

Anyway, back to my day as full-time SAHM. Despite the difficulties, it was really nice. I tried to chill and not worry about what needed to get done or not done. I tried not to look at the clock and just went with the flow. I really enjoyed playing with Sebastian and taking pleasure in his joy and curiosity. I also spoiled him a little. Bought him toys, and a lollipop, and let him ride the horse at the market. But I needed to do that. I couldn't come back home after so much time away and be a bitch.

Anyway, I am relieved that tomorrow is mostly back to normal!

Off to watch Desperate Housewives! :)

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