Thursday, 14 July 2011

process vs. goal? developmental or personality-based?

When does a kid go from enjoying a game because it is simply fun to play, to enjoying a game, because he may win? Is it developmental? Or is it a personality thing?

I was in Spain last week with a wonderful family with two 6-year-old twins. I let our hosts have a date-night and took care of the gang of four. When we were playing green-light/red-light, Lucas (2 and a half) was ecstatic even though he was clueless about what was going on, or what the point of the game was. He was just excited at being included, that mommy was there, etc. The 6-year-old on the other hand - who is by the way the best-behaved boy I have ever seen in my life - was really upset if he didn't win. He was rule-master and saw cheating and unfairess everywhere. Sebastian tried to win, but understood that he wasn't always fast enough. And that seemed to be okay.

So... developmental? Personality? Karma?

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