Thursday, 14 July 2011

indispensable mothers

I have been bedridden and sick for 2 days. And the house is breaking down. Abuelita is starting her "No one ever takes care of me" guilt-tripping, daddy is feeling the symptoms and taking it on the kids and me (and this is compounded with a rough few weeks in his business).

I just need to get better, so I can get back to doing it all, withstanding it all, and catering to everyone's needs. It is both an honour and a calvary, this motherhood thing. What pride to know how strong we mothers can be. What a pain in the ass that no one really appreciates, understands, or cares. Motherhood is the oldest profession. The most under-appreciated. The most misunderstood. The most powerful because of this all.

I love antibiotics right now.

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