Friday, 23 July 2010

peace with mom

The inevitable happened: my mother and I made peace. Well, basically, my mother was a little passive agressive with me at first, showing her disdain. Then when we broached the topic (of course, after I reassured her I was going to pay her back 200$/month from the debt I owe her), she very grandly announced that she changed, and that she would never let herself undergo the "abuse" that she put up with when she was with me. That she knows not to react to my terribleness. That she understands that I was under extreme stress the past few years.

Is there an emoticon for rolling your eyes? Give me a break.

Of course it's all me, as usual. She had no active part in her actions and reactions over the past few years. And of course cutting her daughter off for a year is an acceptable reaction to all the "abuse" she received. (just a reminder that the only examples of "abuse" are actually moments of being slightly inconsiderate - oversights that warrant nothing more than a reminder to remember her needs (one oversight at a time - not three years worth of resentments at once!), not a year of no contact!).

Is there an emoticon for rolling your eyes? If so, I would place a bold one right here!

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