Tuesday, 9 March 2010

sleeping arrangements

With my mother-in-law visiting for a few days, and Sebastian in no way ready (or willing?) to sleep in his big-boy bed, we have to play musical beds. Last night, hubby and I slept in the sofabed that nanny usually sleeps in. We thought it would be nice - I mean, it's been months since we last slept in the same bed together... without children that is. But it ended up being a really bad night. The sofa bed is dented in the middle, and we were both always lopsided, rolling into the middle, or teetering on the edges trying to keep some balance.

So tonight, nanny offered to sleep with Sebastian in the sofabed and leave our big bed to hubby and I. Holy flying friggers this is just craziness! Hubby and I, together? Alone? In bed? For the whole night? Will this one day be a regular occurrence again? Can I, may I, should I dare dream?

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