Sunday, 21 March 2010

bowel movements

I couldn't believe my eyes: tonight, Lucas, standing up diaper-less, pooping, right onto the carpet. 'WTF!' you exclaim. And I concur.

He had been saying, "caca" for a few minutes, and went into his room and lay down. Bravo. I took his diaper off, and there was nothing. 'Okay,' I thought, 'must have just been some gas.' He got up and ran to the living room, swaggering and showing off his bum-bum, much to the glee of Sebastian. This went on for a few minutes, and I took the respite from the kids' attention to put away some toys.

When I go into the living room, I see Lucas do his concentrating caca face, and watched in disbelief as he relieved himself onto the carpet, very nonchalantly, as if I had spent weeks training him to go potty in the living room!

Of course, his big bro, who can't stand the smell even of his own poop (when Seb goes to the potty, he has to have a glass of water to help offset the smell, and then we have to flush as soon as he hears the splash...), starting gagging and crying, threatening to add 3-yr-old throw-up to the bounty.

Yes, the situation worsened: when Lucas went running back to his room to lay down (so his highness could have his butt cleaned), he went excitedly grabbing his bum, spreading the batter. Then, almost as if on purpose, he sits down with just the perfect movement so that he could wipe the greatest area of his poopy butt onto the bedroom carpet.

Just a day in the life...

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