Monday, 28 September 2009

I miss my little boy...

I spent the weekend with Sebastian, alone. I haven't been really alone with him in over a year, since the birth of Lucas. Oh my dear, sweet little loveydove Sebastian! I L*O*V*E him sooooooo much! How is it possible to bond so intensely after just two days. I rarely miss my kids when I go back to work on Mondays. Well, I do a little. But today, I teared up multiple times at the thought of sweet, little, gentle, loving Sebastian. He is at his grandparents until Thursday...

Then, seeing Lucas after 3 days away - I L*O*V*E little Lucas sooooooooo much! When did he get so big? When did he learn to do so much? He isn't a little baby anymore, he is a little boy. Giggling, teasing, communicating, nearly walking. He's his own little person, so like Sebastian, so not like Sebastian.

OMG, they are incredible.

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