Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Bad day at work

Nothing like a bad day at work for me to seriously LOVE my children all over again. That is probably the single most beneficial aspect of being a "working mom": makes me appreciate how lucky I am to have a life with so much more in it. I am not the shit people throw at me at work.

Then again, my office mate today teared up because her beloved daughter was leaving home again (she works out of Geneva and was only in the area for work). She misses her daughter terribly, and can't believe that both her girls are all grown up. Then my other office mate was talking of another colleague's loneliness due to HER daughter living far away.

I admit, I don't have much sympathy right now. There is nothing I crave more than for alone time. To enjoy my children, but not have to give up substantial amounts of sleep and free time to do that. To have adult conversations with them, but then go to bed on my own with a good book. All the women I mentioned are serious home-maker types, who went to work only following divorce or widowhood. They would rather be trophy wives and housewives than working women. So I think that maybe I will be able to avoid the existential crisis they are going through, because I am the farthest thing from purely wife and mother!!

But then again, I may not escape this seemingly universal. And if karma is in any way directly proportional, I will be sharing an office with a young woman half my age who disdains me for being so petty.


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